Based in the Chicago area, Greg Teele is the CEO and founder of Teele Enterprises, Inc., a firm dealing in investment services, real estate investing and more.

A lifelong athlete and former player for the Toronto Argonauts, Greg is a go-getter who knows what it takes to come out on top on the field. He then applied his experiences as an athlete to his business dealings, developing a unique and extremely effective results-focused approach to investing and business in general.

In short, Greg has developed a one-of-a-kind strategy; a sportsman’s approach to business, with a winning formula that  has enabled him to rise above the competition.

Greg first became involved in real estate investing as he sought out a better life for himself and his family, including his teenage son.

“I’m a single dad and like most parents, I wanted something bigger and better for my son. So I set out to build a business that would provide us with a secure future, while allowing me to leverage the skills and strategies that I’ve refined over the years,” Greg explained.   READ MORE 

Investment Services

Teele Enterprises Inc. offers a complete range of investment services to clients who are seeking to grow their income and wealth.

Real Estate Sales

Greg Teele knows what it takes to succeed with profitable real estate sales including fix and flips, wholesaling and beyond.

Distressed Property Purchases

Do you own a distressed property? Teele Enterprises Inc. offers competitive rates for distressed properties, giving homeowners a new future.



Established in 2015, Teele Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Greg Teele, a real estate investor with years of experience with fix and flips, buy and holds and beyond.

Based in Chicago, IL, Teele Enterprises, Inc. takes a unique approach to investing — a sportsman’s approach to business — which draws upon the founder and CEO’s experience as a lifelong athlete.

If you’re ready to beat the competition and come out on top as a winner, turn to Teele Enterprises, offering a range of investor services, along with real estate sales and distressed property purchases.  LEARN MORE →



Real estate wholesaling is an increasingly popular option amongst real estate investors, particularly new investors who require the capital for more lucrative deals.

Wholesaling properties is preferred amongst many investors due to the lack of risk and the fact that you can get into wholesaling for little or no money down.

In real estate wholesaling, the wholesaler is a middleman between the property owner/seller and the rehabber.  LEARN MORE →


Many have heard of property flipping, but few really know how flipping — also called fix and flips — actually works.

At its most basic level, flipping involves purchasing investment properties with the intent of performing improvements to raise the value of the home or other property. Then, the property is re-sold for a profit.

Real estate flipping does require a fair amount of investment capital. Therefore, some property investors opt to get involved in wholesaling first, which enables you to move properties and earn a profit by serving as a middle-man of sorts. LEARN MORE →


If you’re ready to get started as a real estate investor in the Chicago area, then you’ll want to be on the lookout for short sales, as these can be amongst the most profitable investment opportunities on the market.

The term “short sale” refers to the sale of a distressed property — that is, a property where the homeowners are behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure as a result.

A short sale involves the sale of the property for a price that’s less than what the property owner owes to the bank. LEARN MORE →


If you’re a potential investor, then you’ll want to keep your eye out for new developments, which are consistently amongst the hottest properties on the real estate market thanks to their newness, the modern features and the quality of property.

The term “new developments” typically refers to residential property developments. While you may occasionally encounter a single one-family home, most developments involve multiple properties which are generally constructed by the same builder or developer. LEARN MORE →


If you’re a new real estate investor who’s seeking a consistent income from your investments, rental holdings are a great option to consider.

Rental holdings are properties that are purchased, rehabbed (if necessary) and then “held” and rented out for a profit.

This type of property serves as a profitable option for individuals who are seeking a regular income from their investment properties. Once the cost of the property is paid off, the rental fees are nearly all pure profit. Unlike wholesaling or flipping, rental holdings bring in a steady stream of income rather than a large lump sum, making this investment option ideal for retirees, for instanceLEARN MORE →

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