Established in 2015, Teele Enterprises, Inc. specializes in investment services, real estate investing and more.

Teele Enterprises was founded by Greg Teele, a businessman, lifelong athlete and former player for the Toronto Argonauts. An enthusiastic go-getter in the business world, Greg leverages the insight that he’s gleaned from years on the athletic field, bringing a fresh new approach to his business dealings. And it’s an approach that’s led to tremendous success in his business dealings.

Teele Enterprises, Inc. is renowned amongst its clients for a unique and extremely effective results-focused approach to investing and business. It’s a sportsman’s approach to business, with a winning formula that has enabled Teele Enterprises — and our clients — to rise above the competition.

If you’re seeking to get involved in real estate investing, wish to acquire an investment property or need to sell a distressed property, contact Greg Teele, CEO and founder of Teele Enterprises, Inc.

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Investor Services

Teele Enterprises Inc. offers a complete range of investment services to clients who are seeking to grow their income and wealth.

Real Estate Sales

Greg Teele knows what it takes to succeed with profitable real estate sales including fix and flips, wholesaling and beyond.

Distressed Properties

Do you own a distressed property? Teele Enterprises Inc. offers competitive rates for distressed properties, giving homeowners a new future.