Are you ready to sell your home? Contact Greg Teele of Teele Enterprise Inc. for a win-win deal for everyone involved.

Down-payments / monthly payments will be applied to the purchase price.

Most sellers will insist on the highest price and seek cash, but few actually need those terms.

What they really want is a fast closing with little hassle. They also want to save on taxes, as sellers may be subject to a capital gains tax.

What seller financing offers: If you are willing to offer me flexible terms, I would be willing to offer a competitive buying price for your home. By selling the property to me, you will net the most cash from our deal.

In most cases, a property-by-installment sale can yield more profit for you in the long term.

As we approach the busy summer real estate season, your home will be competing against some of the top homes in the region. If your property needs any interior or exterior work or improvements, this could result in a long waiting game, ultimately ending in a situation where it takes months (or longer) to sell your home!

And if you decide to list, you will need to make repairs to make your home more marketable.

But I won’t ask you to fix, repair, update, modify, convert or spend any more money on your home.

I’m ready to purchase your home as-is, no matter the condition!

Please contact Greg Teele of Teele Enterprises Inc., by calling 224.343.6890 for an immediate response.

Don’t forget to fill out our distressed property form to get started. 

Or, if you’re a potential investor, fill out our investor’s profile form!

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