Are you getting involved in real estate investing?

If you’re planning on buying distressed properties or performing fix and flips, then one thing is certain: you’ll need a trusted contractor/rehabber on your team!

By forming a partnership with a rehabber/contractor, you’ll enjoy lots of benefits that will help maximize your profits while protecting your investment dollars.

For a real estate investor who’s performing fix and flips and property rehabs, there’s one major risk: you could underestimate the costs required to get the home into salable condition or you may totally overlook something that requires major repairs or replacement. As a result, you may cut into your profit margin or at worst, the property could end up costing you more money than you earn in the deal!

Therefore, it’s important to team up with a trusted contractor; someone who can view properties with you and evaluate the structural integrity and aesthetic improvements that will be required in order to get the home in tip top shape.

What’s more, when you work with the same rehabber for every project, you’ll get a better price and a bigger piece of the pie, which increases your chances of turning a healthy profit on each and every transaction.

So if you’re getting involved as a real estate investor, team up with a seasoned contractor and form a cooperative partnership that will enable both of you to make the most of each real estate opportunity!

If you’re ready to get involved in real estate investment in Chicago or the surrounding region, Teele Enterprises, Inc. is here to help! Take a few minutes to complete our investor questionnaire to help us learn more about your experience and your goals so we can help you more effectively.

You can also call Teele Enterprises, Inc.’s founder and CEO Greg Teele at 224.343.6890.

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